Farewell 8th grade

Goals are something you try to achieve. For my class we did something called Future me .What is a Future me email? A FutureMe email is something we wrote about our goals and we were supposed to achieve them by the end of the year. As I look back I realized I actually did achieve my goal. How do you achieve a goal? What I did was set my mind to my goal. That’s all I talked about until I reached it.

In my infographic it asked me what lessons I learned . I learned that even though things are tough I can do it. I also leaned that I am enough. If you wanna know my goals if you need some ideas my three goals were a new attitude, good grades and a new style.

Some advice for 8th grade goals is be proud of them don’t be afraid to be out of the box with your goals. Pick goals that are reasonable . If you cant find a goal it would help to look at your lexile score or you can even ask a teacher . Your teachers can look back into your files and see maybe you could improve on your behavior or maybe improve on your grades or effort into school. Also joining a sport or some kind of activity before,during or after school. I think volunteering for something in your community such as cleaning houses, walking dogs and maybe even babysitting. All these goals you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Toys for tots

Toys for tots 


Toys for tots was created in 1947….Here is the story back in 1947 a woman who goes by the name of Diane created some handmade dolls for some needy children so Diane sent her husband Bill Hendricks to go find one ,He came back unable to find an organization  for the needy children his wife and himself decided to create their own. So they created Toys for tots.Toys for tots is an organization who provides kids and needy families with toys.They provide toys ,books and etc…They help kids and families all around the world .Even if you do not have the organization in your city or town you can order  online   

Or you can even donate online!!!

You can donate things such as books, clothes,toys, stationary items and even your old vehicles . If you ever heard of shop with a cop they sponsor Toys for tots .If you don’t know what shop with a cop is you get to shop at a store with a certain amount of money and you can buy what you want but they also give you ten dollars to buy toys for toys for tots…

There are so many celebrities who  sponsor toys for tots such as Michelle obama and Barbara Bush and even Melania Trump they help by donating toys or money and they also help by giving the toys to the kids they are many people in the world who help them and they are all thankful and they hope for more donations for more happy kids.


How do you feel? Should Immigration be illegal?

In the book Refugee taught me that people really do go through struggles each and every day . What I mean by struggle is that three kids including there families had to flee  their country in order to stay alive. I learned that Refugees have to give it there all I don’t think immigration should be illegal because we don’t want anyone too loose there lives After reading the three stories of the refugees and there families I feel very bad and I couldn’t  imagine having to go through that and staying alive. I am anxious to learn more so hopefully there is a second book . I dont relate to any of the stories but I would love to talk to someone my age or maybe even an adult to see how they survive , how did they eat , did they lose anybody in their families and could they share there stories.

This Novel has taught me more than struggles it taught me the love the families have for each other and that they are willing to do anything for each other like saving lives and thinking of some amazing techniques to figure out have to escape or fix a boat or a car.They are multiple things that I have heard that are true and some that arent true such as people selling the life jackets with rocks in them to make them sink. I truly love this book because the way the author wrote things made it as we are witnessing the whole thing.


Holiday traditions

You may wonder why we have some amazing  traditions for the holiday season.

Im sure alot of people have some very entertaining tradition such as putting up a tree,opening presents or eating Christmas dinner. How about all three?!

The Christmas tree has always been up. Pagans often use branches to decorate the evergreen trees.The Christmas tree is always lights, ornaments and you sometimes put of candy canes and a tree topper.Next, My family really enjoys putting up stocking and we love filling them up with lottery tickets, money,snack, games,stationary items and etc…

Every year for the  holiday season (Christmas) I open alot of wonderful gifts from family with mu Mom, Dad , Uncle and Grandpa sometimes my pers join along . We are always getting each other wonderful gifts that we know one another will love. We get each other about ten gifts except for me I have other family members I get them from. Next, The dinner part my mom and I are always making something for the whole family to enjoy even leftovers!! that we send home to my uncle and grandpa. My mom is such an amazing cook she makes the best Christmas and thanksgiving feast ever.

My favorite food for Christmas  is my mothers homemade pie. I sometimes make my own homemade peanut butter pie and send it home with my Uncle. My mom and uncle make the food hile my grandpa and I set the table. Finally , at night all together my family gathers around and watch wonderful Christmas movies drink hot chocolate  and eat my moms homemade candy and cookies. As you can tell we have a lovely time on Christmas eve and Christmas day. You may wonder why we have some amazing traditions for Christmas . Christmas is already happy holidays!!!.

Who im thankful for

Alot of people would choose family to be thankful for but I chose my teacher . I know who im thankful for, her  name is Mrs R my teacher. Thankful:a word that means you are greatful.

Dear Mrs.R , Thank you for everything and thank you for putting up with our crazy class!! How do you put up with our class? Well, you do not yell at us you simply give the misbehaving kid a check mark then you move on. My teacher has a very awful class which is very hard to handle.Mrs R is also very sweet and very caring.

When someone is down or upset she always finds a way to make that person smile.One time someone was upset so she decided to play a very funny video hoping to cheer up that kid  ( in which she did)…. My teacher is a very kind woman and she is also caring for other peoples feelings, she will always know to make someone feel very special and very  happy..

My class is a bit handful it is very awful the way the kids are towards the two teachers running our class.But no matter what goes on no matter how bad the class is she always has a beautiful smile on her lovely face and that makes us as a class happy. Some kids can be rude in her class and may say some very hurtful things but no matter what Mrs R always is wearing a smile. Mrs R is always a bright and shinning person who is always smiling and is always happy , Finally my teacher is the best I know who I am thankful for Her name is Mrs R and Mrs R is making me who I am today..

Do long distance relationships work?

Do long distance relationships work? Well  they can but it takes time.

As you all know long distance relationships do work , people think its safe and fun. Yes, it may be fun but it can be dangerous . So I disagree with people who think its safe because you never know what will happen you can meet your partner and they can do something bad maybe kidnap you or kill you. Yes you may see each other but you gotta take  precaution.. I say long distance relationships are not a good thing because you might not even meet each other.

Through experience,  long distance relationships may work. For mine it did  work for a while yet, I do have friends who have been in one for years.. Just because its called “Long Distance” doesn’t mean you cant meet like people say you cant . Don’t listen to people who say you cant meet because there is a chance you can meet each other. It may take a while and you do in fact have to be patient . The distance can be hard but if you truly love someone the miles don’t matter at all.

So to answer your questions long distance relationships do work on occasion.  My opinion may be different from others. It may be different or feel different because they aren’t with you or by your side but there are ways to communicate such as a phone or a phone call , messages a texting app or social media etc.  So you always wanna be careful especially on social media cause you can be catfished  over 28% of americans have been catfished on social media and i’m sure you don’t  wanna be one of them.

Tell My Story……

I was a  little girl I didn’t know……….

When someone  is affected by drugs or alcohol you may say it has ruined your life or you could also say it makes you depressed. Well I can relate. I lived with my mother and my Father I loved my mom, you notice I didn’t say my dad well I didn’t love my dad because of the choices he made each and everyday. My dad drank he drank beer and as you can tell beer does a number of things to impact your life it can make you do things you don’t know you are doing .

My father drank and smoked and it made me feel depressed and worthless cause he never spent anytime with me. I was probably 4 or 5 years old when this happened  it happened multiple times so really there isn’t much of a big story .  I often got threatened and hit. When I was little I Was taught things such as grabbing my dad a beer when he asked , drinking is good for you but its not , and etc.. Except one things that really hurt me as I grew older was he didnt love me or care about me. When I was a child I threw  food behind the couch and that grew and attracted bugs and mold and stuff. Well one day my dad was drinking about a case of beer and he got so drunk he pulled out the couch and made me eat bugs…….  It really hurt me someone I cared about ruined my childhood .

Being forced to eat bugs made me realize something maybe he didn’t know he was doing this and maybe he did but all I remember is that it happened. There are many people out there going through drug and alcohol abuse in there lives some people may be able to relate  spot on but I was scared but I told myself not to be scared to speak out because we are not alone in this . I am still scared and I feel as my life is ruined and it  affected me . You wish it would stop but it wont , Just remember you are not alone in this world.

Stranded on an island

If I was stranded on and Island I would bring so many things with me But three would work the best.

The first thing I would bring a first aid kit. I would bring that because you have no idea what would happen you might get bit or cut and you dont wanna have to leave it alone .It would include bandages ,alcohol  ,swabs ,cream and other things . You’d wanna make sure you wash it well because if you don’t there is a possible chance you could get infected.

Next I would bring a bag of food because humans can’t survive without food , I would bring food because I wouldn’t wanna shrieval  up and get sick. My food bag would probably include salad, Chips possibly a drink and silverware. Even if you didn’t bring food and you have a knife you could eat a shark or a fish and possible a coconut.

Finally I would bring some clothes with  my cell phone and a battery pack because hopefully there will be service so I can call for help… Or I could call the police so they can send a jet to save me because I don’t think you will be able to drive onto the land because there barely is any land . I would bring clothes because I could be trapped out there for a day , a month or possibly a year or so I wouldn’t wanna stay im my stinky clothes for that long its bad enough You would smell. So If I ever get trapped on an Island I would know how to survive.Either way  dont wanna be stranded on an island.

Do you have a favorite book?

Dear Sarah Dessen I am reading your famous book and that book is ”That Summer” by you Sarah Dessen . That book is absolutely intriguing they way you detail a character you dont imagine  you can see them.I love the way you word things even though there are  innaporpirate words I still love that book and all of your books. I honestly think your book should be for teenagers and adults just because  there are some words i cant even pronounce. But I still really  love your books.

This is the first book i read of yours and am gladly to read more , I read alot of books that I didn’t very well like but when I can came a crossed  you I fell in love with your books and I wanna thank you for making such creative books i hope you continue to write them I never ever ever read books like yours that are so detailed . I recently got two more of your books and I cant wait to read them….

My favorite kind of books are teen/young adult romance I was searching  on the internet for books like that and I came a crossed many others but you happened to catch my eye . I made a list of all the books of yours I wanted for Christmas and i’m  really hoping I get all the ones I asked for, I’ve never actually finished and book except your I just finished it and few days ago and I’m wanting to re read it.

These books have honestly changed my life because I never liked reading only writing and I’m hoping to write books like you do…

Advice for 8th grade.

Im sure all my readers know that all our teachers require rules such as raising your hand and being respectful to adults and others around you. Always ask for help they are sure to help you out . There is a thing called ISD in school detention that is where you sit in  room all day no talking ,no phones and no sleeping and all you do is do you school or class work and you have to eat in there.The teachers give out warnings make sure you do your homework and turn it in on time.

The first few days of school are pretty easy teachers introducing themselves time. time. The first few days of school are pretty easy teachers introducing themselves and possibly doing some “ Get To Know Me” activities If you don’t do your work then you might get a lunch detention ,a lunch detention is basically going to get your lunch (if not packed) and head to you floor and go to the classroom your missing work in.8 th grade is one of the most fun of all school because you do some really fun activites and projects you read alot of awesome books. And all the teachers are so helpful and they all make it fun for us to wanna learn.

Even the math teachers have so much fun stuff to help us learn and we have so many fundraisers and assemblies  . You also might have a gym class both teachers  are so much fun school is so much fun….. Have a great year.